Tales of Valonia

The Story so far...

Our adventure is about to begin

The world is in a time of relative peace. Magic, both arcane and divine in nature, is on a downward spiral. Many have lost faith in the gods. Wizarding academies are being shut down in every country. This is not without reason though, technology has begun to rise rapidly. The invention of the firearm not to long ago sparked the technological revolution. Steam power is now available for most modes of transportation, and for almost all facets of life. Advances in the firearms industry has brought about high powered revolving cannons able to shoot cannon balls in rapid succession accurately at high distance. There are beacons of magic however that many believe will never dim. One such being the divine city of Caleah, the home to the largest and most powerful church still in existence. For arcane institutions one looks no farther than Karne and its many academies. The party begins in Mayford the city of shadows, all being summoned to complete a specific task.



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